• Stop bleaching and shocking your RV/Marine fresh water system (it’s not a swimming pool).  Treat it professionally (like a water system) with King’s Aqua Pure Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).


  • The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is the premier water treatment technology used by hundreds of  the wealthiest communities around the world.  It is not affordable to most. King's Water Systems has made this technology portable and affordable to you!


  • Through laboratory testing King’s Aqua Pure AOP, when used per instructions, has been proven effective in killing 100% of all bacteria, virus, parasites, and noro-virus known to man.  Bleach and chemical shocking does not, nor does filtering.


  • With King’s Aqua Pure you can disinfect your fresh water system with 5-10 minutes of effort while deodorizing it at the same time.  No swimming pool taste or odor, No flushing required.


  • The King’s Aqua Pure will also effectively deodorize your black and grey water tanks by oxidizing the contaminates that create the odor in black and grey water tanks, thereby eliminating the odors.  The odors are not just temporarily masked as with other treatment solutions, they are eliminated because the bacteria is eliminated.


  • King’s Aqua Pure is a portable device, with no plumbing required.  It has no moving parts and is designed to last a lifetime.  Never buy chemicals to treat your RV/Marine water systems again!!!


  • Full money-back satisfaction guaranteed.  Made in the USA.


  • Proceeds from your purchase will help to provide safe drinking water to villages in 3rd world countries that are losing lives daily due to contaminated drinking water.



  • Q. How often should I disinfect my fresh water system?

    We recommend that you disinfect your fresh water every time you refill the tank. Even if your fresh water system is already disinfected it is possible to introduce bacteria with the hoses used to refill.

  • Q. How important is it to use the proper amount of King's Aqua Pure solution?

    Naturally, we recommend compliance to the instructed amounts. Below is a chart that shows the effectiveness of the King's Aqua Pure solution at different treatment amounts when treating heavily contaminated river water.

  • Q. Why do I smell chlorine when pouring salt water through the King’s Aqua Pure device?

    A. The salt is being broken down into Chlorine and Sodium.

  • Q. If there is chlorine in the King’s Aqua Pure solution, why doesn’t it leave chlorine taste or smell in the fresh water system?

    A. The Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide are three times stronger than the Chlorine and do most of the work in disinfecting and deodorizing.  The Chlorine has very little opportunity to create the “swimming pool” taste and smells.

  • Q. How long do I have to let the water sit if the chlorine level PPM is to high?

    A. Usually sitting for 24 hours will lower the chlorine level.

  • Q. How long will the device last?

    A. The device is designed for 7000 hrs of operation.  This equates to a lifetime for typical recreational vehicle users. If you used the device 50 times a year, it should last for 3,500 years!

  • Q. How does the Aqua Pure solution disinfect water?

    A. The unit creates a solution from salt water that contains Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Chlorine.  This combination will kill 100 percent of all bacteria, virus, parasites, and

    noro-virus known to man.

  • Q. Does this make water clear or just disinfect it?

    A. The main focus is killing the harmful bacteria. It will not filter out dirt or other particles (which can easily be done through a readily available inline filter), but rather kills 100 percent of all bacteria, virus, parasites, and noro-virus known to man.  The resulting treated water contains residual protection from further bacteria. This is a very important distinction of our treatment process over a conventional filtering process, which provides no residual protection

  • Q. What is the shelf life of the King’s Aqua Pure disinfecting solution?

    A. The solution should be used within 1 hour of creation for maximum effectivity.

  • Q. What if the LED light on the accessory plug does not illuminate?

    A. Most likely there is a problem with the accessory outlet on your vehicle.  Try plugging into a different vehicle to see if it comes on. If not, it is possible the fuse in the accessory plug itself is blown.  Simply unscrew the metal end of the plug and visually inspect the fuse. If it is blown simply replace with a 10A fuse from your local auto parts store.

  • Q. How do I calculate how much Aqua Pure solution to use when refilling a fresh water tank that is only partially depleted?

    Always use the amount of Aqua Pure solution based on the total capacity of your water system.

  • Q. How do I get more chlorine test strips?

  • Q. I don’t have a 12vaccessory outlet, just a 110vac, can I still use the device?

  • Q. How could I use this product to create large amounts of drinking water during a natural disaster? Or,utilize nearby lake/stream water when camping off-the-grid?

    The water should be put through a filter first to remove sediment and particles. Then treat the water with the King’s Aqua Pure per the instructions. It is important to note that while some filtration systems address most (not all) of the bacteria, virus, and noro-virus the end result is water that is not resistant to further contamination from drinking vessels, dirty hands, etc. The water treated with King’s Aqua Pure contains this residual protection. A good ceramic filter such as the “DOULTON W9381105 RIO 2000 Ceramic Multi-Candle Filter Cartridge” would be an excellent filter. The benefit of the King’s Aqua Pure process is that it can easily treat small or large amounts of water perfectly.

  • Q. What is the Advanced Oxidation Process that is utilized by the King’s

    Aqua Pure?

    A full description can be found on Wikipedia at:


  • Q. How does the King’s Aqua Pure deodorize black and grey water tanks?

    The King’s Aqua Pure solution oxidizes the contaminates that create the odor in black and grey water tanks, thereby eliminating the odors. The odors are not just masked as with other treatment solutions, they are eliminated because the bacteria is eliminated.

  • Q. What should the target chlorine Parts per Million (PPM) be if I’m starting with city water at 1 PPM?

    The target chlorine PPM in a system treated with the King’s Aqua Pure solution will be 1 PPM above the level contained in the baseline water. The level should not exceed 4 PPM per EPA guidelines.

  • Q. Why is the King’s Aqua Pure solution more effective than treating my water system with bleach?

    Bleach alone does not kill all types of viruses and parasites. King’s Aqua Pure kills 100 percent of all bacteria, virus, parasites, and noro-viruses known to man. In addition water treated with the King’s Aqua Pure solution does not taste and smell like a swimming pool.

  • Q. Is the King’s Aqua Pure solution at full strength harmful to skin?

    No, the King’s Aqua Pure solution is 1/10 as strong as 3% bleach. It is not advised to drink undiluted. It will discolor fabric because of the chlorine content.

Proven Technology

Made Affordable

King’s Aqua Pure utilizes a U.S. EPA approved technology (Advanced Oxidation Process, AOP) for disinfection of drinking water and drinking water distribution systems.  The Advanced Oxidation Process is in use in 100's of municipalities throughout the world.


U.S. EPA approved technology (AOP) for taste and odor improvement of drinking water.


Designed and built in compliance with NSF 61 (National Sanitation Foundation)  standards.


The AOP technology is utilized by the U.S. Armed Forces to provide disinfected drinking water to our troops in remote locations.


The Advanced Oxidation Process has been termed the “water treatment processes of the 21st century”.  King's Water Systems is providing the AOP water treatment process in a mobile and affordable product - King's Aqua Pure